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& Johnson. It also provides OEM/ODM services for many large foreign companies.


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Recruitment Information
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According to the company's production and work needs, the following positions are urgently employed:

The specific requirements are as follows:

Salesman / Business Supervisor:

1. Male and female, 22-35 years old, high school or above.

2. The major of marketing and sales is preferred.

3. Students can be familiar with it. Beginners should have certain patience and positive attitude, and cooperate with the company to complete the initial learning and market development.

4. Have a preliminary understanding of the market of IMD / IML process products and a certain customer base, for which the company can give priority to and improve the relevant salary.

5. Have the knowledge and ability to actively expand business, be able to maintain positive interaction with customers, be good at tackling relevant business problems, and have a good team spirit.

6. Have certain market concept and market insight ability.

7. Salary: base salary: 2500-3000 yuan / month, with Commission and performance bonus. (business supervisor's salary requirements are discussed in person)

Front desk clerk:

1. Be responsible for the reception phone answering, customer visit registration, daily attendance and other matters.

2. Distribute the company's documents and notices, make distribution records and keep them.

3. Be responsible for the reception and basic personnel clerk of the company.

4. Be familiar with the use of computers and basic office software.

5. Have affinity, enthusiasm, good image and sweet voice.

Executive Manager / Supervisor:

1. High school degree or above, proficient in computer office software operation, more than 1 year working experience;

2. Be careful, practical, responsible, positive and cheerful.

3. Strictly implement the company's rules and regulations, and earnestly perform its work responsibilities

4. Be responsible for organizing the formulation, inspection, revision and implementation of index plans for human resource development, labor employment and labor utilization

5. Be responsible for formulating personnel management system of the company

6. Be responsible for the formulation, implementation and control of the work objectives of the Department

7. Be responsible for the reasonable distribution of labor positions and the control of the total labor force

8. The person in charge is the assessment and investigation work

9. Prepare annual, quarterly and monthly labor balance plan and wage plan, and pay attention to the reasonable flow and arrangement of labor force

10. Formulate work system of labor and personnel statistics

11. Be responsible for the labor discipline management of the company's employees

12. Conscientiously do other tasks assigned by the company's leaders subject to management, with good experience in personnel administration.

IMD / IML Project Engineer:

1. Male, 25-40 years old, high school or above.

2. Be familiar with IML / IMD production process, and have more than four years working experience in this industry.

3. Be able to be responsible for the evaluation and development of the whole project independently, be familiar with the operation of computer software used in relevant projects, and be able to use Pro / E AutoCAD design software.

4. Have certain innovation ability, be familiar with mobile phones, home appliances, medical equipment and other products related to IML / IMD process, and have a breakthrough design improvement for this process.

5. Be familiar with the relevant materials (material, sheet, ink performance coordination), equipment and tools (molding mold, injection mold design, production) in the relevant production process, and be able to guide the normal operation of the relevant work.

6. Have certain coordination and management ability, be able to coordinate the whole project progress, and have a strong sense of responsibility!

7. The comprehensive treatment is 6000-10000 yuan / month, which is to be discussed in person!

There are people who are skilled in using IML / IMD technology in the production of mobile phone protective case. Please contact our recruiters directly and give priority to reception!

Those who do not work in IML / IMD industry or do not know about this process, please carefully submit your resume, so as not to delay your job search!

Mold master:

More than 2 years of working experience in injection mold manufacturing, skilled in using milling machine, grinder, lathe, spark machine and other mold making machinery, with independent parting and mold assembling ability, especially able to guide subordinate mold mender and apprentice to carry out relevant auxiliary work orderly and effectively, to ensure mold production progress and quality.

ID / MD Design Engineer:

1.3-5 years of experience

2. Familiar with the structure of mobile phone cover, mobile phone and related mold structure, with independent design ability

3. Proficient in PS, CDR, AI, Pro-E, 3D modeling and other software. 3D design and 2D engineering drawing, issue the modified mold scheme.

4. Work conscientiously, have team spirit and strong sense of responsibility.

5. Be familiar with the properties of common plastic raw materials and understand the injection molding process.

Experience in mobile phone design is preferred

1 quality supervisor, 1 Inspector / qc1

1. 20-30 years old, junior high school or above, female preferred. Familiar with IML / IMD production process, and have more than two years working experience in this industry. The same industry.

2. Be familiar with the quality judgment, control and exception handling of IML / IMD process products (such as mobile phone sheath, mobile phone battery cover, mobile phone lens and panel), and have strong coordination and handling ability.

3. Have good quality concept and rich on-site quality control experience.

4. Understand the relevant production process and quality abnormality summary, be good at coordinating with the production department personnel, and be familiar with and skilled in the operation of relevant inspection tools or equipment.

5. Be conscientious and responsible for the work, rigorous and meticulous, have strong ability to analyze and solve problems, and have strong ability to resist pressure.

Foreign trade salesman:

1. Major in international trade, English, etc.; CET-6 or above, fluent in spoken English;

2. Be able to use B2B platform and search engine to develop customers;

3. Aged 22-29, more than 1 year working experience in foreign trade industry;

4. Be familiar with the whole process of import and export trade operation, international trade business negotiation, customs law, commodity inspection law, foreign exchange verification and other relevant regulations;

5. Practical experience in international trade of manufacturing enterprises is preferred

6. Website management platform is preferred

1 Screen Printing Supervisor and 1 Foreman:

1. Male, 20-35 years old, junior high school or above.

2. Be familiar with the silk screen printing process in the production of IML / IMD, and have more than three years of work experience in this industry, and more than two years of work experience in the silk screen department in charge of technical leading research (be familiar with ink debugging, silk screen machine debugging, screen drying and other skills).

3. Be able to deal with and eliminate production abnormalities independently, and have preliminary quality knowledge of relevant products in IML / IMD industry.

4. Have some grass-roots management experience, strong personnel management ability, training ability and overall arrangement ability.

5. Have strong logical thinking, communication and coordination ability, and work pressure resistance ability.

IMD / IML prepress design:

1. Male and female, 25-40 years old, with high school education or above.

2. Be familiar with IML / IMD production process, and have more than four years working experience in this industry.

3. Be familiar with the operation of computer software used in relevant projects, and be able to use CDR and AI, CorelDRAW / AI / Photoshop / AutoCad design software.

4. Have certain innovation ability and be familiar with the pre screen process of mobile phones, home appliances, medical equipment and other products related to IML / IMD process.

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