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Industry dynamics
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Development prospect of IMD industry in the new era

Time:[2019-11-20]| Author:admin

IMD includes IML, IMF and IMR

IML: in molding label

IMF: in moving film (same as IML)

IMR: in molding roller. PET film → release agent → printing ink → adhesive → internal plastic injection → ink and plastic bonding → after mold opening, the rubber will automatically release from the ink. Japan is called hot transfer. The machine is operated by roll to roll mode, and the alignment is operated by CCD computer. Sum up

At present, some people in our country call IMR IMD, which makes IML independent of IMD. The fundamental difference lies in the difference between IML and IMR in lens surface. There are pet or PC sheets on IML surface, while only ink on IMR surface.

(I) what is the definition of IMD?

IMD is the technology of putting the printed decorative sheet into the injection mold, and then injecting the gum on the back of the molding sheet, so that the resin and the sheet can be integrated into one curing molding. IMD is a technology of inlay decoration at the same time of injection molding. The product is integrated with the decoration substrate, and can be decorated and printed for all the three-dimensional shaped products, so as to achieve the effect of decoration and functionality

(II) IMD Market:

1. The world's four major ink manufacturers attack the IMD industry, develop professional IMD ink, and constantly exhibit in the mainland

2. The world's four film manufacturers attack IMD industry. Mitsubishi has two assembly lines before, but now it has four

3. International large enterprises attack IMD industry. Foxconn's former department now increases production by two departments

4. Some printing giants have invested in IMD process

III) comparison between IMD, IML, IMR and traditional products

Traditional injection products:

1. Secondary processing such as painting or electroplating is required (increasing cost and causing pollution)

2. If the ink is on the surface of the product for a long time, it will be abraded or scratched (reduce the overall quality and appearance effect of the product)

3. Follow up work after injection molding, resulting in yield reduction, etc

IMD in mold decoration products:

1. Reduce cost and schedule. IMD process only needs to open one set of mold, unlike other old alternative processes need to open more than one set of mold, reducing system cost and inventory cost.

2. Process simplification. There is an injection molding method, which can achieve molding and decoration at the same time, reduce cost and working hours, and stabilize production.

3. Product stability and durability. As the ink is between the sheet and the injection plastic, the three-dimensional molding increases the freedom of design. The graphic and color are in the plastic interlayer, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and the color is bright. The printing pattern changes at any time without changing the mold.

4. 3D complex shape design and diversified style. Pattern, color, font and logo are screen printed or screen printed on the frequency carrying surface of the sheet, which are shaped into 3D shape, and can create special patterns of metal plating or natural materials according to the needs of customers. Some effects are not achieved by electroplating and painting.

5. High yield. High pressure molding has only lower mold, no upper mold. During the forming process, the sheet is not contacted and will not be polluted.

6. Suitable for 3D products and high tensile products. High pressure forming can stretch to a height of 25 cm.

7. The change of film thickness does not need to change the forming die, etc. Film sheet can be leather, pile and so on, to improve the quality and grade of products.

IMR (Japan's IMD) transfer:

1. There is no protective mold on the surface of the product, which can not prevent corrosion and scratch.

2. Long development cycle. Technology in Japan, to proofing at least 1000 meters. The mould cost is expensive, and the technology is not output. Sheet and mould must be imported from Japan.

3. Only plane or slightly curved surface decoration can be done.

4. Waste resources. It is difficult to recycle the used sheet, etc

IML products:

1. Cooperate with 2D or low stretch products. Such as mobile phone lens or control panel.

2. The yield is difficult to control, which is greatly influenced by human factors, and the temperature is difficult to control.

3. Male and female mold, damage the sheet surface during the forming process.

4. The change of film thickness requires modification of forming die, which is expensive, poor R angle forming, easy to pull and break sheet, etc

IMD advantage

1. Product stability: make the product produce the correct color matching of consistency and standardization

2. Product durability: through the protection of specially treated coating film, it can provide better surface wear resistance and chemical resistance of the product

3. 3D complex shape design: the application of thin film with excellent extensibility can successfully meet the needs of complex external design of products

4. Diversified styles: special patterns of metal plating or natural materials can be created according to customers' needs

5. Process simplification: through one-time injection molding, the molding and decoration can be achieved at the same time, which can effectively reduce costs and working hours, and provide stable production

6. To reduce the cost and working hours: only one set of mold is needed in IMD process, unlike other old alternative processes, which need more than one set of jigs, which can remove the manpower and working hours of one operation procedure and reduce the system cost and inventory cost

(IV) IMD customers and application fields: home appliance industry: control and decoration panel of rice cooker, washing machine, microwave oven, air conditioner, refrigerator, etc.; automobile industry: dashboard, air conditioner panel, interior trim, lamp shell, logo, etc.; electronic industry: MP3, MP4 machine, computer, VCD, DVD, electronic notepad, camera and other decoration shell and signs; computer industry: Keyboard, mouse shell; communication industry: mobile phone keys, shell, window lens; other industries: cosmetics box, gift box, decorative box, toys, plastic products, sports and leisure appliances, etc

(V) development prospect of IMD process

At present, IMD is widely used in communication, home appliances, electronics, automobiles, instruments, medical devices, toys, cosmetics and other industries. It is a new plastic decoration technology. It can change in three dimensions, increase the freedom of designers, and design various personalized products to meet the needs of the development of the times.

IMD technology can achieve injection molding, decoration integration and one-time completion, but also can make various special effects, such as: button convex bubble, metal mirror or extinction surface, metal wire drawing pattern, back transparency, concave convex point pattern, etc., which is very decorative and functional IMD technology is the best new technology to replace the spray painting and electroplating processing of plastic products, reduce the subsequent processing procedures of injection molding, promote and popularize in the plastic industry, which can truly realize the significance of energy saving and environmental protection, and will bring huge economic and environmental benefits to the society and enterprises.

Because IMD products have decorative functions, the graphics and colors of injection molded parts are molded once in the mold, reducing the post-processing link; in addition, IMD stereo molding increases the freedom of design, graphics and colors are in the plastic interlayer, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and the color is bright, and the printing pattern changes at any time without changing the mold.

To sum up, IMD technology not only improves the quality of products, but also widens the space for product innovation and improves the added value of products. Therefore, IMD is a development project with great global potential.

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