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Automobile interior decoration technology characteristics of "IML" technology of black horse

Time:[2019-11-19]| Author:admin

IML process (in mold label) is a kind of in mold decoration process (IMD). The main process is to dry the cut film after plane printing, then punch and heat form the film, and finally cut the material for injection. When the injection molding is completed, the surface hardness of the product can generally reach 2H ~ 3H, which is divided into three layers: base material, ink and bonding material.

Compared with IMD, this process has more extensive application and more complex composition. IML is more flexible and can be used for small batch processing, while IMD is usually suitable for large batch processing (10000 pieces or even hundreds of thousands of pieces). Therefore, in the production process, the former has a short film production delivery period and can change colors and patterns at will, while the latter does not have the advantages of flexibility.

IML has a complex process, but it is endowed with a complex product - "making three-dimensional pattern". Because the film material is divided into three layers, the film height of the three-dimensional molding can reach 40 mm, far higher than the IMD process product of up to 1.5 mm. Because of this, IML is widely used in products with buttons, such as home appliance control switch touch layer (rice cooker, microwave oven control panel), security panel or automobile interior parts, etc., and IML's ink is printed on the middle layer, repeated friction will not affect the beauty of the pattern; while IMD ink is printed on the surface, after a certain period of time and friction, the pattern will gradually disappear No, we can't make products with buttons.

Although IML and IMD are very different from each other in this way, IML process is also used to be called IMD because of the upsurge of interior decoration technology flowing into China's plastic surface treatment industry in recent years. Therefore, the visitors may as well know more about the characteristics of the two processes to better distinguish and bring more suitable way for product processing.

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